GreenKit – The stainless steel plant support for a perfect greening

GreenKit is a complete set of cables, spacers and accessories for the creation of beautiful greenings. GreenKit offers much green for little cost: cables and spaces are made from marine grade stainless steel. The high quality materials and production guarantee a long life and a successful support for your greening, indoors and outdoors.

GreenKit can be installed on numerous wall types whether brick, wood or concrete. Four different GreenKit configurations make it adaptable in height and width. Adding a greening to your home or garden with a high quality plant support has never been so easy.

Complete set for an easier Greening

The complete GreenKit in high-quality and weather-resistant stainless steel is available in four sizes. It can be combined, expanded and adapted to the required height, allowing your creativity to run free.

Greenkit enkel easy greening hojd bredd height width

Every GreenKit has a maximum width and height, but can be reduced in height as required. Select the kit for the optimum width.

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Klätternät för växter i trellisstruktur

GreenKit can be used in and around the building. Vertical greening in gardens, balconies and facades all become possible, whether on concrete, brick or wood surfaces.

Suitable for climbers such as kiwi fruit, grapevines, clematis or honeysuckle. Give your climbing plants a whole new world to discover.

Klättrande växter på vajer från Jakob rope system

Greening makes every wall more attractive and multifunctional: as a trellis support for fruit and vegetables or for decorative purposes. In addition, greening provides a habitat for bees.

rostfri vajer för klätterväxter och gröna fasader

To be able to grow and develop in the best possible way, climbing plants need a trellis structure. This provides a foothold for the plants and guides them to the desired height.

Jakob rope systems GreenKit för Greening

The GreenKit trellis with its vertical wire ropes and horizontal bars is an aesthetically-pleasing and functional solution.

stöd för klätterväxter med enkel montering

The mesh structure provides the climbing plants with the ideal conditions to grow upwards


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Jakob Rope systems GreenKit spalje för klängande växter och klätterväxter
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Jakob Rope systems GreenKit spalje av rostfritt stål
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