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Create ecological and sustainable architectural solutions with Greening.

The vehement demand for ecological and sustainable construction methods has in recent years lent a new degree of currency and significance to a long-known architectonic topic: the greening of building facades. The plants absorb CO2, they filter out dust and dirt, dampen noise exposure and in summer provide for a natural form of building cooling by casting a shadow and through water evaporation. This reduces the costs for building air conditioning. In addition, the greening protects the facade from UV radiation, hail, driving rain and wind. Thus, the service life of the building shell is extended as an additional benefit.

Both wire ropes and end terminations, as well as Webnet wire rope nets are ideally suited for use as climbing supports for facade greening. A great breadth of experience in planning and executing both small and large-scale climbing supports. The large selection of standard products and the endless possibilities for customer-specific solutions make X-Line your ideal partner.

Green walls

Green walls are one of the key trends in 21st century architecture, not only for their functional qualities, but also their stunning architectural effect. They make the building unique, recognizable and more accepted and add value to the lived experience. The stainless steel cables and wire mesh Webnet are used in pioneering green walls and green skyscrapers around the world.

Greening of buildings

With GreenSolutions the greening of buildings is no longer restricted to expensive large-scale projects. A ground-based greening with stainless steel cables and the wire mesh Webnet is also an option for family homes or other smaller structures. The plant supports out of stainless steel are easily installed and low in maintenance. The greening can cover the whole building or only parts of the facade. With the appropriate climbing aids, the growth of the plants can be directed and included into the architecture of the building.

Indoor greening

Webnet and products from the GreenSolutions range are perfectly adapted for the use indoors. Indoor greenings provide numerous advantages: they improve the indoor climate by filtering particles and CO2 in exchange for oxygen, they dampen noise and add an inspiring touch of green inside.

Green structures

The MFO park in Zurich is a spectacular example for how greening with stainless steel cables can define a whole new experience of public spaces. Climbing plants on supports add a vertical dimension to public parks and bring green to urban areas where there is little space for landscape design in the traditional sense. The flexibility of stainless steel cables and wire meshes means there are few limits regarding the design, even three dimensional greenings are possible.

Home greening

The outstanding quality of our stainless steel cables and Greening Solution parts is their flexibility. All parts have been carefully designed to fit perfectly together and allow endless possibilities to combine them. This makes them perfect to realize your own greening project, be it a small trellis on a wall, a plant support in your garden or courtyard.

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