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The versatile stainless steel wire rope net with exceptional tensile resilience and flexibility.

Webnet is a wire mesh fabricated out of woven stainless steel strands with exceptional tensile resilience and flexibility. It is weather resistant, extremely robust and requires virtually no maintenance. The stainless steel net is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Installed on railings or in stairways, it provides stability and clear guidance. On facades, it can serve as a climbing support for plants or it can set delicate accents as a dividing element in large spaces. The greatest advantage, however, is its delicate structure. Especially in zoo animal enclosures or protective nets, the visual impairment due to the unavoidable barrier is minimal.


The nets are fabricated by Jakob Rope Systems in our own factory according to customer specifications. This means there are no limits to the shape and size. The mesh orientation of Webnet can be selected as desired, yet it is typically arranged vertically or horizontally for geometric shapes. Additionally, Webnet can be supplied in all colours of the RAL spectrum. Colours can highlight the net as an architectural design element or let it integrate seamlessly into the surrounding structure. For zoo enclosures or ball stop fences, a black dye helps to make the net even more difficult to spot for the human eye.

Webnet has been assessed according to standard specifications and subjected to many test measurements. It is certified in Germany by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for the use as a horizontal and vertical fall prevention (Z-14.7-557).


Webnet with sleeves

The Webnet standard version with sleeves is a classic. It is versatile, flexible and economical, especially with small rope diameters. The sleeves are made in a specially developed process in our factory by skilled workers. Webnet with sleeves is a good choice for all projects where design and cost-efficiency are of prime importance.

Webnet without sleeves

Webnet without sleeves is even more transparent than the version with sleeves while delivering practically identical strength values. Moreover, there are no troublesome light reflections from the sleeves. Consequently, sleeveless Webnet is ideally suited for strong and unobtrusive protective nets as well as for animal enclosures in zoo applications because it is easier to see through it when viewing the animals.


Design patterns, logos and typographic elements on your Webnet and choose between ground or colored tiles.


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