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SCREEN DECO Metal ceilings

DECO Metal Ceilings, based on the SCREEN DECO® welded grids, ensure unique useful qualities and novel visual effects for the modern architecture. They make a fresh alternative to the conventional internal solutions in the area of suspended ceilings. They combine advanced production technologies with a unique potential in the field of design. Made of stainless steel or black steel with a Pro-ZINAL® coating, they provide exceptional durability and aesthetic qualities. An innovative mounting systemPro-CLIP ensures quick mounting of panels to standard bearing structures.

  • Open area control – Decide on the degree of masking that you want to apply to specific systems through the use of an openwork structure of DECO grids.
  • Homogeneous surface – Determine a direction of the grid profiles and alter the dynamics of space using panels without visible seams.
  • Three-dimensionality effect – Create novel visual and spatial effects while designing in any plane.
  • Eco-friendly product – Move from costly maintenance to the product made of nothing else but natural materials.
  • Flexible pricing solutions – Choose the exclusive stainless steel solutions or the economic solutions using the Pro-ZINAL® coating.
  • Quick mounting and dismounting – Save time with specially designed fasteners being part of the Pro-CLIP system.
  • Resistance to damage – Enjoy exceptional durability with the special shape of the profiles and an advanced welding technology.
  • Consistency of design – Design comprehensively by using our systems of facades, railings, fences, covers for heating ducts, and others.


Due to the high-quality materials used in their fabrication, and thanks to their cleanability, DECO Metal Ceilings are perfectly suited for rooms with heavy traffic and increased humidity. With the use of appropriate inserts, the product complies with the requirements relating to acoustic insulation and sound absorption. DECO Metal Ceilings are ideally suited to the architecture of public and commercial interiors, such as:

  • shopping centres
  • sports facilities
  • museums, galleries, exhibition halls
  • airports and stations
  • headquarters of companies and private properties

Standards and certificates

  • Production in accordance with the Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008, certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) since 1996.
  • DECO Metal Ceilings have an EC Certificate of Conformity in accordance with standard PN-EN 13964:2005, in terms of reaction to fire.
  • Steel ceiling panels are classified as non-flammable and fire-retardant. They belong to Class A1 of reaction to fire (for unpainted ceilings only).

Pro-CLIP mounting system

An innovative Pro-CLIP mounting system allows for mounting the panels to standard bearing structures with the use of specially designed DECO brackets (cross installation and parallel installation). Components integrating the panels with the grille ensure quick and easy mounting and dismounting of DECO ceiling panels.

DECO ceiling panels

A modern design of the SCREEN DECO® welded grids creates a novel visual effect, thus constituting an added value to the design. In order to obtain a desired visual effect, it is possible to arrange the slots along the longer or the shorter side. The functional structure of the panels provides outstanding durability. The advanced electrofusion welding technology, by which the profiles are joined together with the support rods, ensures that a precise slot and the highest parameters in terms of flatness and straightness are obtained.

Dimensions of DECO panels



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