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We are introducing a unique collection of stone-filled gabion baskets. The idea behind the design was to create a product, which used separately can form landscaping elements with decorative and utilitarian functions. With such a wide range of applications, miniGABIONS perfectly suit to both private estates and gardens, as well as development projects and arrangement of urban space.

Self assemply (DIY)

With optimally designed dimensions you can freely and first and foremost on your own arrange the elements according to your own ideas. Thanks to specially designed wire shape, we reduced the baskets weight (weight of the smallest empty basket is 1kg), while providing excellent stability and rigidity of the whole structure. Now laying the miniGABIONS is a simple game with blocks, and the only limit is your imagination.

Durability and ecology

Advanced and patented welding technology provides strength and high corrosion resistance, also in case of welds. The Pro-ZINAL® coating (an alloy of zinc and aluminium) we’ve applied, effectively eliminates the need for costly maintenance, which is confirmed by the 10-year warranty. We’ve reduced the ecological footprint in the manufacturing process and expanded the recyclability, making miniGABIONS very friendly to the environment and your budget, too.

Versatility of application

Low weight and optimum sizes make miniGABIONS having a very wide range of applications. This allows to mount functional pieces of backyard gardens equipment, residential areas, parks, green squares, and pedestrian streets. At any time, you can freely change miniGABIONS layout, and thereby their function or location.

Dimensions and filling

Together with the designers of gardens we chose the appropriate types of fill miniGABIONS . So you can match their appearance, both built-in traditional and modern . Precisely dimensioned miniGABIONS make individual baskets exhibit complete compatibility with respect to each other.

Halstone fill

Unique aggregate which is capable of filtering and purification of water from microorganisms, bacteria, and iron. Plus high mechanical strength, resistance to frost and moss sprouting. Hygienic certificate and CE declaration. Perfectly emphasizes the natural character of surroundings.

25x25x50 cm, weight ~ 40 kg

25x25x25 cm, weight ~ 20 kg

12,5x25x50 cm, weight ~ 20 kg

Turquoise glass fill

The transparent form of turquoise glass perfectly brings out the beauty of natural light. miniGabions with this fill are perfectly suitable for LED backlight Turquoise glass is durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to weather conditions.

25x25x50 cm, weight ~ 40 kg

25x25x25 cm, weight ~ 20 kg

12,5x25x50 cm, weight ~ 20 kg


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