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We are introducing the latest collection of PROGRESS Gabion Fences, which we have designed together with architects in order to provide the highest quality product with exceptional aesthetic qualities. The idea behind the design was to create a system of fences that will allow to customize its appearance and functionality individually for your needs. The fences combine natural beauty of stone with clean aesthetics of steel. The unique design will emphasize the unique nature of your property and home. The versatility of the system allows to adjust the fence to both modern and traditional buildings.

While designing PROGRESS Gabion Fences we took care for the highest aesthetic of manufacture and the quality of even smallest finishing detail. Therefore, we are confident that they will satisfy the most demanding Customers. The possibility of making individual perforations allows to personalize your fence. Easy to install LED strips in a specially contoured post, and gabions fill with stone glass allow for amazing light effects.

Three thicknesses of Gabions

The three thicknesses of gabions we offer (baskets made of grilles and filled with stone) are a real revolution. The thinnest SLIM model with total thickness of only 10cm, will allow to minimize the cost of filling

Unique pattern of grilles

The triangular shape of the wire we’ve used and the specially designed grill pattern formed by three profile wires welded next to each other provide the fences with lightness and exceptional nature.

Details adding the taste

The uniquely rounded corners of gabions and grilles highlight their high aesthetics. Specially designed gabion covers and fasteners perfectly complement the PROGRESS fence susyem’s overall visual effect.

Choose safety and the highest quality

PROGRESS Gabion Fence gives you the safety of the use of highest quality product, manufactured on the basis of a Quality Management System compliant with international standard EN ISO9001:2000. The sense of safety is brought to you also by providing privacy for you and all members of your household with the ability to adapt the form of the fence to individual requirements.

Focus on stability and ecology

Patented and advanced welding technology ensures high corrosion resistance, even in the areas of welds. The special profile wire ensures low weight, while maintaining the stability and strength of the whole structure. The applied Pro-ZINAL® coating (an alloy of zinc and aluminium) effectively eliminates the need for costly maintenance, which is confirmed by 5-year warranty.

Different characters, different needs

The PROGRESS Gabion Fences represent an innovative solution providing nearly unlimited possibilities of creating different combinations of fencing through a free configuration of the grill and gabions within a complete system. Specially designed gabion covers and fasteners perfectly complement the PROGRESS fence system’s overall visual effect.

Ecological footprint reduction in the manufacturing process and recyclability make Progress Gabion fences friendly to the environment and your budget too.

Available stone types

For the sake of aesthetics as well as comfort and safety, our specialists have decided to fill the gabions with one of seven types of stone with suitable properties, such as high frost resistance, low water absorption, resistance to pollution, and neutral impact on soil and the environment.

K01 Serpentinite

K02 Dark quartzite

K03 Clear quartzite

K04 Beige dolomite

K05 Gneiss

K06 Basalt

Technical specification

Thanks to their modular construction, PROGRESS Gabion Fences allow you to achieve the visual effect you wanted by free decreasing or increasing the scope of visibility according to your preferences. Now the design of the a fence does not require special qualifications. PROGRESS Gabion Fences system consists of gabions in three thicknesses, panels made of fencing grille, perfectly shaped covers of gabions, posts and fasteners. They are compatible with automatic gates andwalk gate controls with a set of locks and hinges, so they guarantee full control of the access to your property.

Model SLIM (G1)

Model MEDIO (G2)

Model GRAND (G3)

Swing gate and walk gate

Horizontal sliding gate and walk gate

Fast system installation

The present system provides material uniformity and consistency of all components, and ensures easy and fast installation. One bracket secures a gabion and a grille panel anywhere in the post. When planning the edge elements of the fence you can use the flexibility of the system and hide the post inside the gabion, gaining high aesthetic of finish.

Edge element with hidden post

Connection of gabions with different ticknesses

Bracket connecting grille panel with gabion


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