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ASTRO WAVE Metal ceiling

Progress Astro Wave metal Ceilings combine advanced ® production technologies with unique design potential. They are modern and durable ceilings made of stainless or galvanized steel and aluminium. Panels can be assembled on standard constructions which can be visible, partially or totally hidden.

Mounting system

An innovative Pro-CLIP mounting system allows for mounting the ® panels to standard bearing structures with the use of specially designed ASTRO Wave® brackets (cross installation and parallel installation). Components integrating the panels with the grille ensure quick and easy mounting and dismounting of ASTRO Wave ceiling ® panels.

Ceiling panels


Sound absorbing ASTRO Wave acoustic ceilings are a perfect ® solution providing the desired acoustics and comfort in offices or public facilities. Acoustic ASTRO Wave ceilings have an absorption ® class A ÷ E (due to the use of plates of various thicknesses made of mineral wool covered with a glass fiber non-woven lining, that have a maximum degree of sound absorption α = 0.95) The αw sound w absorption level defines the ratio of the reflected and absorbed sound energy. The value 0 corresponds to a full sound reflection – the value 1 means full absorption. According to the international ISO 11654 standard sound absorption is described by the five classes of absorption, marked with letters from A to E. The list of sound absorption classes with the corresponding values of αw sound indicators is a general indicator of the acoustic absorption characteristics of the material.


The ASTRO Wave metal ceiling system allows the installation of ® lighting fixtures to the main ceiling. We provide formatting, cutting and shaping services of ceiling panels in accordance with individual design requirements. Cutting holes should be carried out in accordance with our assembly instructions.


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