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Low maintenance and high functionality balustrades with Webnet


Create ecological and sustainable architectural solutions with Greening

Sport och lek
Sports and Fun

From aesthetic ball stop nettings to creative playgrounds

Skydd och säkerhet
Protection and Safety

Safety is important in every building, new or old

Bridge Safety

Bridges must be safe and as important as the construction itself

Suspension Cable Systems

Elegant and reliable support with suspension cable system

Animal Enclosures

Meet the needs of both humans and animals

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Our products

X-Line is general agent for Jakob Rope Systems’ products in Sweden and Norway, including Webnet, Frames and Architectural Ropes. X-Line also offers a wide range of the market’s most tried and tested safety products.

Jakob Rope Systems

Jakob Rope Systems manufactures steel cables and wire mesh systems for the architectural, lifting and safety industries. Products include Webnet, Frames and Architectural Ropes, products for both safety and architectural solutions.

X-Line is the general agent for Jakob’s products in Sweden and Norway.

Roof safety

We sell and install complete wire systems that take you safely from ladder to your workplace all over the entire roof. A walkway with integrated wire system takes you safely in all fall directions. The system can be loaded and used on all areas of the roof without reconnecting you. We also have the unique solution with a sliding block that you can use with other roof systems supplied by X-Line.

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